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Founder's Message

From Founder Kevin M. Mason

Thank you for visiting Cody's Gift website. Perhaps you are just learning about us, planning on donating or maybe considering volunteering. It doesn't matter, but I'm glad you are here.


Every animal owner should think their pet family member(s) are the very best. And they are! Every animal deserves to be loved and have a safe & secure forever home with warmth and comfort. If you are an animal lover and have a pet(s) make sure to give them lots of love, hugs and kisses - tomorrow is never promised.


To know me personally, one would know that I am a huge animal lover, supporter and advocate for animal causes. Throughout my life we always had animals; dogs, cats, fish and birds. All were deeply loved and cared for.


On October 8, 2008, my life changed forever and for the best. While I was at the Buffalo Animal Shelter Cody "adopted" me. It was love at first sight. Cody was found abandoned in a garbage dumpster with several infections, malnourished and very sick. Due to his ailments he was not ready for his forever home for some time. Once home with us, with love, security and patience Cody flourished and his personality came shining through. As years passed he had some health issues, but fought very hard to over come each challenge. Cody was my "son", my companion, best friend, confidant, and so much more - in short he was my life!  I miss him terribly as he was always by my side.

If you are a pet parent I hope you cherish & praise your pets as much as I did Cody.


Despite his beginning and abuse, Cody was a bundle of love. he never bit anyone and warmly greeted everyone. He was happiest on you lap while you were rubbing his head.  After his passing, I wanted to continue his legacy of giving love by helping other animals who perhaps need it most. So I founded CODY'S GIFT as a means to honor my little boy and at the same time help animals in shelters and rescue groups. The supplies that are donated to Cody's Gift is desperately needed by these animals.


So often we hear about animals being neglected, abused or abandoned. Please, if you know of such situations please call Cody's Gift at 300-1770. You can do this anonymously. We will contact the appropriate authorities and work to stop this kind of treatment.   Animals are defenseless and each of us has an obligation to protect our animals and stop abuse. We should all be ambassadors for the animals because there is simply no purer form of love, admiration and loyalty than that of an animal.


Thank you for visiting Cody's Gift website and have you hugged your pet family member today?


Best Regards,


Kevin M. Mason, Founder

Cody's Gift

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