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Cody's Story

Once upon a time...


There was a handsome Chihuahua - Welsh-Corgi mixed dog named Cody. He was adopted from the Buffalo Animal Shelter on October 8, 2008. Cody was abandoned in a garbage dumpster in the City of Buffalo. When he arrived at the shelter, he was malnourished and very scared.


The first time I saw Cody it was truly love at first sight as he ran to greet me. A volunteer told me, "He has just adopted you!" Cody was soon very comfortable in his new forever home. He was given an abundance of love, time, and patience. Cody had suffered some health issues but always fought back with determination, courage, and strength.

His personality was leaps and bounds above him. All he wanted was to be loved and give love. He alone had a smile that would light up a room. While most dogs run, Cody always galloped, wagged his tail melted your heart with his big brown eyes. He had a "big sister" named Ruby who passed away in 2009 and in 2011 Cody became a “big brother” to Hudson. Cody and Hudson were the best of friends and inseparable.


Cody passed away on Thursday, May 6, 2021, leaving his family heartbroken.


To celebrate his life and continue his legacy of love, we introduce Cody's Gift and our mission of spreading love to Buffalo shelters.

For more information on Cody's life, please visit his Facebook page here.

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